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Are Solar Panels A Worthwhile Investment For Homes In 2022?

If you’re a property owner in the UK you may be concerned with the current climate of soaring energy prices as part of the ongoing wider cost of living crisis.

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If you’re a property owner in the UK you may be concerned with the current climate of soaring energy prices as part of the ongoing wider cost of living crisis.

Solar panels can offer an alternative source of energy for properties, and help to reduce a home’s outgoings. However, just how effective solar panels are, can depend on you and your home.

At National Energy Direct we can explain the potential benefits and drawbacks to having solar panels installed to your home.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels (or photovoltaics) gather solar energy in the form of light and convert it into electricity that can be used to power a property.

A solar panel is constructed of many cells, often made from a semiconducting material such as silicon. The cells don’t actually require direct sunlight, however the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity generated.

What Type Of Homes Can Use Solar Panels?

Not every home is compatible with solar panels, an unshaded South facing roof is the ideal location for a solar panel installation. East or West facing roofs may still be considered, however North facing roofs are not generally encouraged as potential installation locations.

Potential Benefits Of Solar Panels

Reduces Electricity Consumption

Any reduction in the amount of electricity your property uses will result in lower energy bills. Also you can actually sell any excess energy you accumulate back to the National Grid, via the Smart Export Guarantee.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Through the use of a clean energy source such as solar power you are helping the UK get closer to its goal of a reduction in carbon usage, this helps fight climate change, protecting ecosystems and economies alike.

Renewable Energy

Solar power is also a renewable energy, aiding in the global fight against air pollution.

Easy Installation

Providing your home is a suitable match for the addition of solar panels, installation is relatively fast and easy, only requiring a day or so’s work from a specialist.

Potential Negatives Of Solar Panels

Initial Cost

Although long term, solar panels can be a way of saving money, one thing to consider is the initial purchase price and installation cost. Even with solar technology becoming cheaper and more efficient over the years, the panels, wiring, batteries and installation could take the total investment well into the thousands.

Weather Dependant

Although as previously mentioned, solar panels take in light even on cloudier days, the best possible results come from bright sunshine, often a rarity in the UK.


Certain parameters of properties can impact the effectiveness of solar panels, such as heavy surrounding shade from trees or other structures. Also the roof or surface of the panels installation on a property must be large enough to sufficiently utilise numerous panels.


Many homeowners don’t particularly like the aesthetic of often large solar panels adorning their roof (Although integrated panels are now more readily available, offering efficiency while blending into the property).

Should You Invest In Solar Panels?

Solar panels can definitely be a worthwhile investment in terms of energy usage and bill reduction, providing your home meets the criteria for installation, and you are aware that any savings would only begin to be recouped in the long term, rather than immediately.

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