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Can A Water Meter Be Added to an Older Home?

Find out the pros and cons of installing a water meter in your older home and whether they can save you any money on your water bills.

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Author : NED

If you own a property and water use (as well as the potential bills it can build up) is on your mind, it may be beneficial to consider having a water meter installed…or removed.

At National Energy Direct we understand utility bills can be a major stressor for homeowners, especially in the current climate of soaring energy prices as part of the ongoing wider cost of living crisis in the UK.

What Is A Water Meter?

A water meter is a device installed within a home to measure the amount of water used by the property, this information is then passed over to the home’s water supplier and translated into the amount of money the property will be charged.

You as a homeowner have the right to be charged for your water depending on your usage amount. This means you can have a meter installed free of charge (unless it's not practical or is unreasonably expensive to do this).

In rental properties, tenants also have the right to ask for a meter if their tenancy agreement is for six months or longer (providing the landlord gives permission) .

Water Meters For Older Homes (Non New Builds)

An older property (non new build) can have a water meter installed upon the owner’s request. A meter is most suited to home’s that do not have high water usage or in turn the property has a high rateable value.

Benefits Of Having A Water Meter

The pros of having a water meter installed include-

Negatives Of Having A Water Meter

Potential drawbacks of having a water meter installed can include-

A water meter should be a considered addition to the home, a property owner must carry out their research and due diligence in terms of whether their home would benefit from having a meter installed. Proactively study and assess your current utility bills and speak to your water provider before committing to a meter installation.

National Energy Direct

As a full member of the WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme), we offer water meter installation and removal services.

We are a fully accredited multi-utility connections and delivery team who specialise in connections for new build domestic property development, commercial builds and industrial units.

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