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How Arranging All Utility Connections Through One Company Saves Time & Money

When it comes to arranging utility connections for your project, you may be considering working with different contractors for each utility.

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Author : NED

When it comes to arranging utility connections for your project, you may be considering working with different contractors for each utility. Perhaps this is because this is how it’s usually done in your business or maybe you feel it is the most efficient and cost effective way to go about it. However, using a number of different companies can be time consuming, expensive and often leads to problems through miscommunication between teams which end up delaying your project.

In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at how arranging all your utility connections through one multi-utility company can save you time and money on your project.

Time Efficient

When working with different utility connection companies, you’ll have a number of different contact points that you’ll have to deal with, taking time to plan and schedule each team in to do the work. Not to mention, if a problem occurs or if there is a delay in the work for one company, you then have to communicate this back to the other utility providers which can often lead to miscommunication and further delays.

At National Energy Direct, we assign you a single point of contact throughout the entire process, meaning you’ll only ever have to communicate with one person who can help you with questions or queries. We also provide a complete package, including design and planning. Without the hassle of dealing with several different companies for separate areas, you can cut out a large portion of your management responsibilities and instead enjoy more streamlined and efficient project planning.

If you have ever worked with individual utility companies before, you’ll know that legal work associated with land and access rights for utility infrastructure is a common culprit of delay as it tends to involve third party, councils, statutory bodies, landowners and solicitors, whereas arranging your water, gas and electricity through just one company lessens the number of steps involved and reduces the amount of paperwork required.

Having all areas covered also means we can manage any issues that may arise immediately and find solutions much more quickly, saving time and making the process significantly less stressful.

By eliminating all the extra steps that are required when dealing with different utility connection providers, you can save time and be sure your project will be completed to its deadline.

Cost Effective

The other great advantage of using a multi-utility connection company is the ability to save money. By using just one company such as National Energy Direct for all of your gas, electricity and water needs, you’re only having to pay for the designing, planning and installation once as a sole project.

When you work with different utility connection providers, you’ll have to pay for multiple individual projects that involve additional people and steps which can end up costing an arm and leg. Working with just one company also allows you to reduce onsite costs by connecting service networks in the same trench as opposed to three different trenches and other related costs.

National Energy Direct, Your One Stop Shop

As we all know, time and money is incredibly valuable, especially when it comes to delivering large-scale projects with tight deadlines. With National Energy Direct, you can rest assured knowing that all of your gas, water and electric needs are covered by our skilled and efficient team at an affordable price.

For more information about our services at National Energy Direct, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and one of our energy experts will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.

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