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How Do I Begin The Process of a New Gas Connection?

When developing new domestic or industrial buildings, it's important to know how to arrange new gas connections. In this guide, we will be explaining how to begin the process and answering some of our frequently asked questions when it comes to new gas connections.

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How to Start the New Gas Connection Process

In order to apply for a new gas connection with National Energy Direct, you will need to gather and provide us with some necessary information and documentation so we can submit an application to the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and get started on the work as soon as possible without any delays.

We’ll need:

It’s also important to note that you will need to obtain planning permission for your new development prior to applying for the connection. If your development hasn’t yet had its planning permission approved, make sure to get approval first as any potential changes could interfere with the new gas connection designs and plans, leading to delays and expensive alterations.

If you have any questions about the application form, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members who will be more than happy to guide you through it.

How Long Does a New Gas Connection Take?

The time it takes to complete new gas connections depends on a number of factors that will be assessed prior to the job taking place, however, on average you can expect the installation to take anywhere between 6-12 weeks. Please bear in mind that these are just rough estimates and that your project may take longer depending on factors such as:

When we have gathered all of the necessary information, we will start to design the gas connection plans and produce a CAD drawing for you to either approve, or suggest alterations to.

Once you’re happy with the plans, we will then liaise with the local council about the legalities of the work and when all has been settled, the design will be sent to the DNOs for final approval.

As soon as the plans have been approved, we can work together to schedule the job and provide you with a more accurate timescale for the project.

How Much Does a New Gas Connection Cost?

The cost of a new gas connection heavily depends on a number of factors, making prices vary from job to job. These factors include, but are not limited to:

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