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New Gas Connections for Businesses

If you’re looking to get your business property connected to the gas mains, we are here to help!

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If you’re looking to get your business property connected to the gas mains, we are here to help! At National Energy Direct, we provide a range of gas services, including the installation of new gas connections and meters to commercial and industrial properties across the UK.

From the planning stage to the installation of your new gas meter, we carry out the full gas connection process, working closely with all major gas transporters (GTS) to ensure your project is completed quickly and safely to the highest possible standard.

We offer a wide range of gas services, including:

• Gas network design

• Infrastructure installation and construction

• LP Connections

• MP Connections

• IP Connections

• RO and NRO Connections

• DNO network connections

• Installation of new gas mains or services

• Cover all civil engineering works

• Provision of MPRN number allocation

• Meter installations/removals

• Mains/service replacement works

• Feasibility and consultancy services.

How Much Does it Cost to Connect Gas to My Business Property?

The cost of installing a new gas connection to your business premises depends entirely on the following factors:

Where Your Property is Located

If your business property is located in a remote area, the cost of installing a new gas connection can be higher due to the greater complexity of the job.

If Your Property Has Previously Had a Gas Connection

If your business property has previously been connected to the gas mains, it’s a lot simpler to reconnect you and therefore cheaper. However, if your business property is a new build, you will require all new infrastructure and a new gas meter, which costs more.

The Distance of the Gas Meter from the Mains

The greater the distance between your property and the gas mains, the more difficult it is to get you connected, making the job more costly.

The Overall Complexity of the Job

If your new gas connection is a complex job and requires access to nearby buildings, road closures etc, the cost of the work will increase significantly.

How Do I Apply for a New Gas Connection for My Business?

There are a few steps to applying for a new gas connection for your business.

To begin, if your business premises have not yet been built, it is important for you to have obtained planning permission for your project before applying for a new gas connection.

This is because a lot of time will go into the designing of your connections and if your plans end up having to be changed due to denied planning permission, this may all have to be done again, costing you lots of time and money.

Once you have planning permission granted, to apply with National Energy Direct for a new utility connection, you'll need to provide us with some necessary information so we can submit an application to the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) as they are responsible for the distribution of electricity from the national grid to your business.

You’ll need to provide us with the following information:

Once we have all of the necessary information, we design your gas connection plans and produce a CAD drawing for your approval.

With any alterations made and your full approval, we will then liaise with you and the local council about the legality of the work before sending it off to the DNOs for approval.

When everything has been approved and finalised, we will then schedule in the work with you and can offer a more accurate timescale for the entire project.

Apply for a New Business Gas Connection Today

To arrange a new gas connection to your business property, simply get in touch with our helpful team and we can discuss exactly what it is you’re looking for and how our services can help you.

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