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What to Expect During the NED Process

If you’re thinking about working with National Energy Direct for your latest project, you may be wondering what our process involves and how it works.

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If you’re thinking about working with National Energy Direct for your latest project, you may be wondering what our process involves and how it works. That’s why in this article, we’ll be explaining what happens from the enquiry stage to the very end when the project is completed during one of our site investigations so you know exactly what to expect.

Enquiry Stage

From the enquiry stage, we work with you to find out exactly which services you require. At National Energy Direct, we’re a one stop shop for all of your utility connections, metering, EV charging, street lighting and telecoms needs, offering the complete package.

It’s worth noting that if you are applying for a new water connection, you will need to arrange a soil investigation to ensure that whatever the site was previously used for hasn’t left behind anything that could potentially contaminate the water. If the soil investigation does find contaminants, it is important for you to make us aware as this will require barrier pipes for the water supply. This will then be taken into account during the quotation stage.

Quotation Stage

Once we have established what it is you’re looking for, we can then offer feasibility studies and budget quotations straight through to firm quotations to capture the required infrastructure works needed for your project.

Approval Process

On acceptance of the order, you’ll need to provide us with the following information:

Once we have gathered all of the necessary information, we will take the project through to the design stage and produce a CAD drawing. We will then show and explain these to you for your approval and can make alterations where possible to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the design, routes taken both offsite and onsite, legal documentation required to reach design approvals and the legal process with both ours and your solicitors. This is because the legal process begins quickly after acceptance to ensure there are no delays within the process.

With any alterations made and your full approval, we will then go on to liaise with you and the local council about the legality of the work before sending it off to the DNOs for approval.

Installation Stage

When everything has been approved and finalised, we will then hand over to our construction team who will liaise with your site management to arrange a pre-start meeting where they will discuss a program of works to align with your build program.

Once all of this has been agreed upon and finalised, our team will schedule the work and offer you a more accurate timescale for the entire project.

Once on site, the National Energy Direct assigned Project Manager oversees the construction stage and program of works in tandem with keeping our clients up to speed with the process and engaging in site meetings when required to discuss progress.

At National Energy Direct, we always ensure to keep clients fully updated through all the key stages of the project to ensure we meet our clients expectations and also to reinforce the high quality of customer service we pride ourselves on.

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