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Who Is My Energy Supplier?

Knowing who provides the energy for your property can prove invaluable in a number of different circumstances.

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Knowing who provides the energy for your property can prove invaluable in a number of different circumstances. If you don’t currently know who your energy supplier is, National Energy Direct can help.

In this blog we will discuss what an energy supplier is, how to find out who your energy supplier is and why it is beneficial for you to know this information.

What Is An Energy Supplier?

Your energy supplier is the company that provides your property with energy (gas or electricity, or both for a dual fuel tariff). An energy supplier purchases the energy it sells on to customers from the wholesale market.

Here is a quick breakdown detailing the steps in the energy deliverance and sale process resulting in your home being serviced:


The first step in the energy market chain is the inertia of the utility product, either the offshore production of gas or large scale generation of electricity.


Gas is delivered via a complex network of pipelines, electricity flows along transmission network wires and pylons.


The energy is then received and distributed by licensed network operators and distribution companies (not to be confused with energy supply companies).


Energy suppliers pay the distribution companies and purchase energy from the wholesale market.

Your Home

Homeowners purchase energy from their energy supply company.

How To Find Out Who Supplies Your Energy

There are several easy ways to find out who your home’s energy supplier is. For gas specific enquiries, if you have a gas meter, you can contact the Meter Point Administration service and they will inform you of who your supplier is as well as your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN).

For electricity supply enquiries, you can contact your energy distributors via the Energy Network Association. Your distribution company will then inform you who your energy supplier is as well as your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN).

Why Do I Need To Know Who Supplies My Energy?

It’s important to know who is responsible for providing your home’s energy supply and their contact information for a number of reasons including:

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