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Why Use a Multi-Utility Connections Company?

Multi-utility connection companies provide comprehensive solutions, covering gas, electricity and water as an individual complete service package.

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When researching utility providers for your business, you may be considering using different contractors for different utilities. Many companies do this because it is the way it has always been done or because they have loyalties to their current providers. Some even think it is the most cost effective method, however, in reality, the process of connecting utilities for industrial developments can be complex, time consuming and costly. The solution? A multi-utility provider.

Multi-utility connection companies provide comprehensive solutions, covering gas, electricity and water as an individual complete service package. Having just one company managing all of your utilities will alleviate the burden and eliminate complications, saving you time and money. Below are some ways in which a multi-utility connections company such as National Energy Direct can benefit you:

Just One Point of Contact

At National Energy Direct, we’re a one-stop shop for all your utility needs. This means that any problems or challenges you may be faced with can be dealt with via one point of contact, resulting in communications being clearer and action being taken sooner in order to come to a quick but effective solution.

Having just one service provider can also help to give you a better picture of what’s going on onsite and when you can expect things to be completed. This is because they’re working closely with each service, allowing them to assess the project and its requirements to come up with a more accurate timescale.

A Quicker Process

Using a multi-utility company can save time on your projects from start to finish, resulting in a quicker completion. If you’re familiar with dealing with land ownership rights when setting up infrastructure, you’ll know that the process can be complicated and fairly time consuming. Legal work associated with land and access rights for utility infrastructure is a common culprit of delay as it tends to involve third party, councils, statutory bodies, landowners and solicitors.

By obtaining your water, gas and electricity through just one company such as National Energy Direct, you can lessen the number of steps involved and reduce the amount of paperwork required. Not only can we save you time in the beginning, we can also help you to meet tight deadlines throughout the entire project by having all areas covered and managing any issues that may arise immediately, saving you time and making the process significantly less stressful.

Cost Effective

Another great advantage of using a multi-utility service is the ability to save money. By using just one company for all of your gas, electricity and water needs, you’re only having to pay for the designing, planning and installation once as a sole project as opposed to lots of individual projects that involve additional people and steps which cost extra. They can also help to reduce onsite costs by connecting service networks in the same trench and streamlining other costly steps.

Better Planning

Multi-utility companies provide the complete package including design and planning. Without the hassle of dealing with several different companies for separate areas, you can cut out a large portion of your management responsibilities and instead enjoy more streamlined project planning.

With the knowledge that you only have to rely on one company to provide your residential, commercial or industrial build with gas, water and electricity, you can plan your project more effectively which is particularly important when you’re working towards tight deadlines.

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